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Terms and Conditions

We charge € 9,99 for each change of the selected webhosting package.
Traffic above included (Webtraffic, FTP and E-Mail): € 5,00 / beginning GB / month. Billing for usage above the limit will come with the next regular bill regarding the last 12 months. With the configuration software the user can easily watch his account.
Webhosting starts with the date of registry and continues monthly if not cancelled at least one month before (postage date). Billing is 12 month in advance. Cancelled months will be refunded.
Forwarding-Domains are contracted for 12 months even if not completely used. Cancelling must be like mentioned above. Billing is also in advance. Included is a traffic of 10 GB / month. If more is used, condition is like for Webhosting explained above.

All offers are depending on our regular terms and conditions, which can be shown on demand. For all mentioned prices on these websites users habe to calculate the german VAT (recently 19%).

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