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Terms and Conditions

All contracts are running yearly, start with the date of registry and will be continued if not cancelled at least one month before (postage date) end of the running period. Billing is coming for every new period in advance.
Exceedings of data traffic costs € 5.00 / beginning GB / month and will be charged retrospective. Using the administration interface the recent usage can be seen at any time.
Any type of warranty or liability through is excluded. The user of a domain or website is obligated not to show or provide any illegal or unethical content nor to send this via email. Also the sending of mass emails (more the 100 with mostly same content per month) is prohibited, if not separately agreed in written form. In case of violations is authorized to deactivate or delete domains and websites partial or full.
All offers are depending on our "regular terms and conditions", which can be received on demand. For all mentioned prices on these websites users habe to calculate the german VAT (recently 19%) in addition.

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