Server for every purpose


In some cases it is better to host own servers for a client for efficiency and security reasons.

We built up and configurate server in compilance with your wishes, physical and virtual:

  • operation system Linux or Windows
  • storage space and working storage as required
  • services e.g. Apache WebServer or UMN-Mapserver with specific configurations
  • support for PHP, ASP, CGI, Perl, Python, FastCGI with required specifications
  • all common data bases e.g. MySql, postgreSQL, Oracle
  • vhost service
  • SSL – certificates
  • automatic backup scripts
  • security components like firewall (operation system or physical) or antivirus software
  • access regulation with SSH, VPN and FTP
  • setup of operator interfaces for the administration and data management


Practically every configuration is possible, please don’t hesitate to ask us about special wishes.